100% Green

K2 Kritter Solutions is a 100% Green Company!

We use no dangerous or harmful chemicals, poisons, or toxins
when removing wildlife!



Our Services

   (Critter Control)


● Animal Prevention & Repairs ● Animal Control ● Animal Removal ● Animal Rescue
● Humane Animal Relocation ● Dead Animal Removal ● Domestic Animal Removal ● Animal Deterrence
● Feral Cat Removal ● Bat & Bird Remediation    





● Bats ● Beaver ● Birds ● Bobcats
● Coyotes ● Feral Cats ● Foxes ● Mice
● Mud Swallows ● Nuthatches ● Pigeons ● Rabbits
● Raccoons ● Rats ● Skunks ● Snakes
● Squirrels ● Wasps ● Wood Peckers
● And More!



Insulation Services


K2 Kritter Solutions can remove old and/or damaged insulation in your attic and install new 100% recycled, environmentally friendly insulation! You may have had a critter issue in your attic (squirrels, raccoons, bats, rats, etc.) that has damaged and destroyed the insulation, or you simply may not have enough insulation in your attic due to the age of your home. Call us today for a free inspection and evaluation!